219’s farewell – Goodbye Crazy Mad Science viewers

We are all 219 superstars. It is very sad to say goodbye because we’re leaving Cluster B. This is our last time being 219 because next year we will be in other classes.

You should keep on looking for science sites like ours. How about churchillscience.edublogs.org for a start?

But remember, just keep on typing!


(drumroll please)

Aidan, Ally, Ben, Hadeli, Ian, Jacob, Liam, Lily, Nona, Sandro, Sophie, William


Lisa and Laura!

We are the champions!

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Here are all the visits to our site since we started – 745 views!

Breaking News: The DAILY NEWS!

Jacob would like you all to know about his new edublog, The Daily News. There is a new post about ways to be green. I left a comment and so should you!

Jacob’s sister, Sofia, also has a new blog. You can find it here.

By the way – anyone who wants to make their own edublog MUST ASK their parents first. Remember all the talks we have had about Internet privacy!

Also remember – Lisa offers free editing!

announcing GUEST AUTHORS

Lily’s comment in class today gave me an idea. She wanted kids to do more of the writing on the posts, not just the comments.

So… we are creating the GUEST AUTHOR prize!

Do you have something you want to say? Do you want it to show up here on the main blog page?

Post a comment here and tell us what you would talk about! Laura, your teachers, and I will read the ideas and decide who is going to be our very first GUEST AUTHOR!

I wonder who it will be?


Last night, we landed on Mars! The Phoenix robot landed near its North Pole. It will dig into the soil and learn about the water ice.

We have been talking about what can live in space or on other planets. Think about what lives on our own planet, deep underground and in the ocean. In some ways, going to the North Pole of Mars is like going to Antarctica. What could we find there?

Why is it so hard to land on Mars? This video explains:

more food chain madness!

We played two new food chain games today… the first one needed a lot of teamwork to figure out all of the connections. It is also missing the most important part – the SUN!

Food Web Game

We also figured out what would happen if too many plants were taken away. William said there would be total chaos! Aidan explained that if the plants were taken away, the animals would have nothing to eat, and then the animals who eat THOSE animals would also have nothing to eat. They would either have to move away to find food somewhere else, or die!

The next game showed us that there has to be a balance. If there are too many predators, they will eat up all the prey! In this game you can control how many plants, rabbits, and foxes there are – our graphs kept coming out looking like roller coasters because the numbers kept changing so much!

Plants, Rabbits and Foxes

Who’s looking at you? Antarctica game

Who’s looking at you? game

This is the animal adaptations game that we played in class together. Which animal can slow its heartbeat to 10 beats per minute? Who has both blubber and fat? We played together to find out!